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Dil is a TRANSFER FDW. She is working for an Indian Expat Family. Has been looking after theri 1 year old child. Can do all cooking, cleaning, household chores, ironing etc.

Available for concall and face to face interview. Employers looking to hire her ASAP should contact. Release Date 31st January 2017

SGD 550 and 2 Holidays on Sundays

SGD 22 per Working Rest Days

Single (31)
Ref: SEST152
Upd on 13-Jan-17

Somika is a first time FDW. She is a widow. To support her sons study she is looking for job.

Lives with her family, child lives in hostel. She works part time in a hotel.

Can cook good food and willing to learn Employers lifestyle and routine.

SGD 420 and 2 Rest Days.
Other 2 Rest Days - Compensation as per MOM

Placement Fee 2 Months of Salary

Widowed (30)
Upd on 29-Dec-16

Makit is a first time FDW. She is a widow and lives with her mother and child in Sikkim. Works as a part time house-keeping staff in a hotel.

She can cook food in her own Sikkimese Style. Willing to learn SG lifestyle routine.

Can do cooking, cleaning and ironing.

SGD 420 and 2 Sundays Off

2 Working Sundays Compensation SGD 16.15 per Rest Day

Widowed (33)
Upd on 29-Dec-16

Harjeet is an First time FDW. She is single and lives with her parent in Punjab.

Can cook food in her own Punjabi Style. Can do basic cooking, cleaning and ironing.

Willing to learn Employers lifestyle and routine work.

SGD 360 and 2 Rest Days on Sundays

2 Working Rest Day Compensation as per MOM calculations

Single (24)
Upd on 29-Dec-16

Bhawna is first time fdw. She is married and lives with her husband. Her husband works in a private company. She has one daughter 12 years old.

She can cook food in her own Darjeeling Style. Willing to learn employers way of lifestyle, cooking and routine.

Salary SGD 420 and 2 Sundays Holiday

2 Working Rest Day Compensation SGD 16.15 or as per MOM IPA calculation

Placement Fee 2 Months Salary

Married (35)
Ref: SESDN826
Upd on 14-Dec-16

Sukhraj is an Ex Singapore FDW. She also has an experience as an FDW in Malaysia for 4 years.

She can do all household chores, cooking and cleaning.

SGD 420 and 2 Rest Days.

2 Working Rest Days @ SGD 16.12

Placement Fee 2 Months

Single (26)
Ref: SESPEX537
Upd on 20-Jan-17

Bimlesh is an Ex Singapore FDW. She has 2 years experience working with a Indian Expat family who had 2 kids aged 8 and 4yrs.

She can cook good food, can do cooking, cleaning, ironing and all other household chores.

Can also do grocery shopping.

Salary SGD 550 and 2 Off Days on Sundays
2 working Rest Day compensation as per MOM calculations

Placement Fee One month

Married (33)
Ref: SESDEX622
Upd on 29-Dec-16
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